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Tempestade num copo de água?

Tempestade num copo de água?Bert Hellinger, em constelação familiar sistêmica, acredita que quando vemos um movimento de extrema raiva, sem justificativa ou conexão com a situação em si, é porque estamos diante de um quadro de identificação. Sabe aquela história da tempestade num copo de água? Pois bem, a origem muitas vezes está dentro de uma dinâmica de identificação. Mas, afinal, identificação com quem?Sabendo que a constelação familiar trabalha dentro das leis do amor e sua natural hierarquia, a dinâmica da identificação ocorre dentro de um movimento que a princípio pode ser inconsciente do indivíduo que acredita ter a responsabilidade de honrar um membro familiar que o antecedeu, que veio antes dele dentro daquela sistêmica. A questão é que como essa raiva desgovernada, e a necessidade constante de mostrar sua "idoneidade" está direcionada no qual ela é irreal, há grandes chances de o indivíduo que causa a tempestade acabar gerando conflitos desnecessários, e na prática, in…
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Signs & Beliefs - Aquarium & Pisces

Signs & Beliefs - Aquarium & PiscesAquarium
Innovation, vision, new ways. Aquarius carries in its archetype the new era with avant-garde values, with more collective stamp. THE POWER OF THE AQUARIUM To view solutions with already established standards, aimed at a greater good, in a less individualistic way. The question that always surrounds the aquarium is the way in which the break from the old to the new concept takes place. Breakups, pattern breaks can be established within relationships in a more peaceful way, there is even that we respect who came before and made way for us today to be here. What can make power a weakness? It is understandable that for avant-garde minds, there may be some suffocation with old patterns, however, Aquarians may end up missing opportunities to deploy their innovations right at this stage of transition by the way they stand. New paths can be shown more lightly, and you have lots of love to show it.
Sensitive, intuitive and supportive. Usually hav…

Signs & Beliefs - Sagittarius & Capricorn

Signs & Beliefs - Sagittarius & CapricornSagittarius
Do you want company to travel? Well, have your suitcase ready because a Sagittarian will always be leaving. Known by the free personality, in constant movement, it carries in its archetype the originality, the intuition and the inspiration. Characteristics that make the Sagittarian an activist of himself, always looking for empirical learning. THE POWER OF THE SAGITTARIAN Originality, undoubtedly, is what marks the personality of this individual, bringing at all times his signature in what he does, guiding himself by the compass of satisfaction. What can make power a weakness? There is a contribution in this signature created, the question is given in the process in which it occurs. Sagittarians tend to sin by not listening to others' examples, as an orientation to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Because he likes learning empirically, he may end up forgetting about the experiences of others. Use the power of originality wisely. L…

Signs & Beliefs - Libra & Scorpio

Signs & Beliefs - Libra & Scorpio Libra
Librians are gentle, they seek balance, the encounter between reason and emotion.  Sign of idealization, see in its main features the opposite sides of the face. IDEALIZAR: imagine yourself ideally, design.  THE POWER OF LIBRA:  We seek the balance of everything in life, not so much to heaven and not so much as earth, and the Librans carry in their archetype this lesson to give us. He is analyzing his own step every step of the way, not even new.  Many speak precisely of the delay in their analysis by referring to another negative, and this has much to do with the idealization said above.  What can make power a weakness?  The question is not ideal, it is good that we know what we want, but better still when we perceive the result in another, and we need to be open to dealing with an unexpected reality.  Avoiding attachments, and being free to whatever arises for our idealization, after all, no one better than Libran to bring balance to any situat…

Signs & Beliefs - Leo & Virgo

Signs & Beliefs - Leo & Virgo LeoThere is no one who lives with a lion who does not recognize his power of creativity. There are among its many characteristics, generosity, nobility, taking collective opinions .... I will specifically talk about leonine creativity, and what can be done with it according to your beliefs. Of those generic concepts we have learned about archetypes, there has always been one that referred to leoninos in a stereotyped way, that they are dreamers. DREAMING: seeing something, having nightmares or delirium. The definition of dreamer is ambiguous in its characteristic, not determining a positive or negative movement, but both at the same time.
THE POWER OF THE LION This same creativity, this power of dreaming (yes, dreaming is a power), allied to action, builds leaders of mass, with degree of innovation in their areas. The belief that can be negative? Any experience of failure along with a vision that leoninos are alienated can contribute to less and less bel…

Signs & Beliefs - Gemini & Cancer

Signs & Beliefs - Gemini & Cancer
There is a feature strongly known in Gemini, VERSATILITY. Obviously there are many other attributes pertaining to this sign, empathy, intelligence, great power of communication, yet today I speak about being versatile. Is a person with versatility someone without his or her own visions?
VERSATILE: Prone to change, to move easily, to agile mobility, fickle. Well, there is something very positive about the versatility, which is the adaptation to the environment in a psychic way, most of the time avoiding conflicts and confrontations. And there is also something that can be considered a latent force, which is exactly to be voluble. The fickle carries within itself the constant alternation of positioning, which can cause problems with agreements made, for example, but can also bring to this same contract a new perspective. What to do? Use this power of having new visions with ease to add value to a situation, rather than abruptly undo contracts, bri…

Signos & Crenças - Aquário e Peixes

Signos & Crenças - Aquário e Peixes AquárioQuer alguém de visão perto de você? Inovação, visão, novos caminhos. Aquário carrega em seu arquétipo a nova era com valores vanguardistas, com cunho mais coletivo. O PODER DO AQUÁRIO Visionar soluções com quebras de padrões já estabelecidos, com direcionamento para um bem maior, de forma menos individualista. A questão que sempre envolve o aquário é o modo em que se dá o rompimento do velho para o novo conceito. Rompimentos, quebras de padrão podem ser estabelecidos dentro das relações de forma mais pacífica, há inclusive, que respeitar-se quem veio antes e fez o caminho para que hoje estivéssemos aqui. O que pode fazer o poder virar uma fraqueza? É compreensível que para mentes vanguardistas, pode haver um certo sufocamento com padrões antigos, contudo, aquarianos podem acabar perdendo oportunidades de implantar suas inovações exatamente nesta fase de transição pela forma em que se colocam. Novos caminhos podem ser mostrados de forma mais leve, …